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Oak Park's Best Data Backup Solutions

At Granite Networks, we understand the difficulties businesses face when trying to manage their IT and data. That's why we are dedicated to helping businesses plan, monitor, and maintain their IT infrastructure with solid data backup solutions. Whether you're a small service firm or a large healthcare provider, we provide a wide range of resources that can help your business manage time and data more effectively, including data backup solutions. We have earned our pristine reputation in the Oak Park area by focusing on our clients' businesses, goals, and success.

Asset Recovery

When you need the eyes of an expert, we can work with you to maintain your current infrastructure and the risks that represents to your organization.
  • Project Consultation
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Data Destruction
  • Equipment Audit
  • Equipment Disbursement
  • Recycling Services
  • Compliance & Certifications
Whether you need immediate assistance to fix an urgent issue, or you need to tap into the resource of a full-service IT department, we have you covered. Make IT work for you and call us today to get started!